Naira Marley Pleads With Nigerian Government To Allow “Nigerian Youths” Spend Money In Nigeria Rather Than Spend In Dubai

Naira Marley has appealed to the federal government of Nigeria to give Nigerian youths in Dubai some level of freedom so they can be able to spend money in Nigeria.

Naira Marley took to his Instagram story to make this plea after going to Dubai over the weekend for a music concert in which a lot of Nigerian youths exercised their financial muscles and how loaded they are in terms of cash.

He wrote; “Nigerians are just here in Dubai spending money they shoulf be spending in nigeria, but they are here making Dubai fine.

“I beg the government to stop harassing the youths. Please let them feel at home in Nigeria.”

The youths Naira Marley is talking about has been suggested by many to be yahoo boys and many have supported his outcry while others have completely rubbished it.

Do you support Naria Marley’s request?


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